Daffodil Gifts

Daffodil Gifts 0

Daffodils are a sign of Spring coming and its lovely too see those green shoots often in between the snowdrops springing into life. We have added two new pieces our best selling 1 pint fine bone china mug and gin and tonic/wine glass skilfully hand painted in 3D with infills of colour.

Daffodil Gin & Tonic Daffodil large 1 Pint Mug Daffodil Port Photo Frame Daffodil Land Photo Frame Daffodil Wine Glass  Daffodil China Mug

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Craft Kits

Craft Kits 0

We have paint your own craft kits where we supply you with selected pieces of glassware and ceramics that can be hand painted, after painting dry for 24 hrs, put it in the oven at home for less than an hour and it will be hand washable.

In your kit you get a wide selection of stencils , an outline baking pen, paints, brush(es) and full instructions. Outline with the baking pen, paint, air dry for 24hrs then bake in the oven at home for a washable original craft piece of your very own making.

So many gift ideas: you can create the set and use for yourself, paint to give as a gift for someone special, give the set as a gift to someone who will enjoy painting the set for themselves or as the paints are safe, you could paint the set with a child to give as a gift to someone special in the family - great gifts for grandparents, godparents, mummies, daddies, aunts and uncles to name just a few.

We have also taken the painting by numbers idea and developed a great range of paint by numbers mug craft kits enabling you to create a beautiful mug which you can bake in the oven at home to make it washable - a mug you can use every day.

Each mug comes with our own printed design that we have created in our studio, numbered paints, paintbrush, an easy to follow coloured in paint by numbers guide and our letter to you with preparation, handy hints and baking instructions for the mug. The paints are the same ones we use for our own ranges and are manufactured by Pebeo they are safe to use for children and adults. The mugs are suitable for adults and children from age 7 upwards (together with help from the grown ups!) 

So many gift ideas: you can paint the mug and use for yourself, give the kit as a gift to someone who will enjoy painting for themselves or you could paint with family to give as a gift to someone special  - great gifts for grandparents, godparents, mummies, daddies, aunts and uncles to name just a few for Birthdays, Xmas, Mothers and Fathers Days.

AND there's nothing to stop you adding to your creation you could paint the handle, personalise/message on the base of the mug, fill in with more colour (you will have plenty of paint)

Enquire to us and we will set up a listing for you  

Paint your own kit 9 Paint your own kit 7 Paint your own mug Metallic Paint your own kit Pastel Paint By Numbers Patchwork Quilt Paint By Numbers Daddy

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60th Wedding Anniversary - Diamond Wedding Gifts

60th Wedding Anniversary - Diamond Wedding Gifts 0

A stunning range of hand painted and printed 60th Wedding Anniversary also known as Diamond Wedding gifts by us here at our studio in Stoke on Trent.

Three hand painted designs: our traditional hearts and flowers in 3D with infills of colour, a contemporary black and silver 3D and a crystalled range inset with Swarovski® crystals.
Check out the shapes! Fine glass wine and champagne glasses, fine bone china mugs, clear glass photo frames and signature plates, these are plates that come with a special baking pen - friends and family sign the plate, after 24 hrs bake in the oven at home for less than an hour for a really personal memento of a very special occasion.


  • mair williams
90th, 95th & 100th Birthday Gifts

90th, 95th & 100th Birthday Gifts 0

 A selection of hand painted gifts for 90th, 95th and 100th birthdays designs including sweet pea, birthday box and contemporary gray/grey square available on signature plates that come with a signing pen, photo frames and a selection of glasses.

And as with all our hand painted gifts they can be personalised with names/dates or messages

 95th Birthday Photo Frame Blk/Sil 90th Birthday Round Signature Plate 100th Birthday Photo Frame Sweat Pea 95th Birthday Whiskey Glass Grey Sq 90th Birthday Wine Glass Sweat Pea

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Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine's Day Gifts 0

Love Gifts for Valentine's Day: espresso cup and saucer, wine glass and coaster and our best selling gin and tonic glass are just some of our ideas. Or, what about a heart knocker for your front door no better way the show the love?
Treat your loved one to a special gift and as with lots of our products add some personalisation and/or special message
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New Photo Frames

New Photo Frames 0

We have always offered undecorated  ranges of drinking glasses and mugs. We are now offering our photo frames in singles, packs of 2 and 3 .

All our hand decorated frames have only ever been one size to fit a
4" x 6" (portrait/vertical)  or 6" x 4" (landscape/horizontal)

We have introduced a new size, a larger
5" x 7" (portrait/vertical ) or 7" x 5" (landscape/horizontal)

These frames are really flexible you can position them horizontally or vertically.

We are gradually putting the larger size as an option on all our existing hand painted ranges. If you would prefer the larger size and the larger option isn't shown just email us and we will put the option on the site for you.


  • mair williams